Beautiful SAKURA season♡ in Osaka.

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Hi, It’s YURARI:)

This year I could saw the beautiful SAKURA view at my hometown Osaka.

IF you plan to come to Japan in Spring, You must see the SAKURA view.

This time I’ll show you beautiful SAKURA view photos and movies♡

The date that SAKURA will been full bloom is changed depend on weather at that year.

Let me show you.

Full bloom date:04/09/2019

大阪城 お堀 桜
Osaka castle park
大阪城 桜ロード
Osaka castle park – Sakura road
osaka castle and sakura
Sakura and shrin


It was raining the day before and cherry blossoms began to fall.

散り始め 桜 大阪城
sakura carpet
大阪城公園 桜 花びら
sakura petals
sakura roof

Enjoy together

It’s not only Sakura.

The peach blossoms were blooming together.

sakura and peach blossom
peach blossom

I’m so looking forward to next spring.

Thank you for reading to the end.

see you next time.

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